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Jacob Morris

My name is Jacob Morris, and I'm a Software Developer at sgsco. In July 2018 I graduated from the University of Hull with a BSc in Computer Science with Games Development (1st class). Prior to this I studied A Levels in Mathematics, German and Biology at Selby College. I enjoy all matters of science, and enjoy developing games in my free time.

Finished college
Started university
Undergraduate of the Year Finalist
Joined MThree as Alumni Associate
Graduated from University of Hull
Joined sgsco as a Software Developer


Simulation and 3D Graphics


2D Computer Graphics & User Interface Design


Advanced Programming


Games Programming & Advanced Graphics

Who am I?

Let me tell you all about me!


Since I was the age of 12 when I first learned about PHP and tried to create a social network, I have fallen in love with computer programming. In my adventure with computer programming I've come across and tinkered with lots of programming language, my strongest being in C# and JavaScript. I have love for Java, Prolog and more, with a soft spot for PHP and HTML/CSS webdev.


I'm curious and I love to learn about new things - so I've put a lot of emphasis into my education. Education is my main focus, and despite having already graduated and no longer being in formal education, I'm always eager to learn and understand new ideas and concepts. I have also studied Mathematics, Biology and German at Selby College.


Everywhere I look I see inspiration; I enjoy trying to replicate game mechanics, and simulations of real life scenarios (ie, planetary systems). My favourite field of Computer Science is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I find myself inspired often by the stories told by Steve Wozniak.


At heart my passion is computer games. Computer games are fun - they make people happy and can bring people together. As a child computer games brought me plenty of entertainment, and I dream to be able to develop a game and pass on the fun that I experienced.

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My latest work

Here's something I'm particularly proud of.

University Project

I worked on this piece of group coursework as part of my Games Programming & Advanced Graphics module.

Component Based

We created a component based game engine in order to run our game.

One of the best

This coursework received 100%, and was amongst the best submitted.


It was a fun, yet challenging project to work on. It gave me lots of room to try new ideas out.

Never trust a computer you can't throw out of a window.


Below is a selection of my favourite projects.

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Jacob Morris