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Tag: neuralnetwork

World Generation, Plant Life & NEAT brains!

World Generation One of the important parts of this project is having an interesting and detail-rich environment for the creatures to exist in. I want there to be a lot of information that can be drawn from the environment (temperature, biome, height) which can be fed into the creatures’ neural networks in order to allow them to have a proper understanding of the world they exist in. I want to be able to generate interesting worlds with separate landmasses, oceans & biomes (desert, forest, etc) which are customisable to the user. The different environments will hopefully drive speciation and result…

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Enter C++

After working on a prototype for a few weeks, I was able to create a fairly basic evolutionary simulator using neural networks. The prototype was a success; I was able to evolve creatures which had the ability to locate and eat food. The number of ideas I’ve had for this project is ever growing and given it was only a prototype in JavaScript, it was begging for a rewrite. Enter C++ and OpenGL. I chose to use these because it gives me greater control over the graphics pipeline, and allows me to write more efficient code (every developers dream… right?)…

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Creatures Get a New Look!

I’ve been working on my genetic simulation project for the past few weeks and have a few updates on the project I want to discuss: First up is the new look! I’ve spent some time generating creature bodies. For this I chose a point and did a 180 degree sweep plotting points at a various distance (using Perlin Noise) and then mirrored the resulting shape. This generates a fairly primitive body type, which while unique does look quite alike to the other creatures. This enables you to be able to see which direction each creature is facing more easily. In addition…

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Genetic Algorithms & Virtual Creatures

I’ve been reading a lot recently about neural networks and genetic algorithms, and I wanted to try a project based around these concepts… but what should I make? I searched for projects other people have done, and I found some cool projects which simulate evolution of little virtual creatures. I decided I wanted to create something similar because: a) there’s so many ideas to be implemented and different directions to be taken, and also b) who wouldn’t want to create a platform for evolution and watch the cool & crazy things that evolve in it!? The basis for this project is…

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