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Tag: javascript

Creatures Get a New Look!

I’ve been working on my genetic simulation project for the past few weeks and have a few updates on the project I want to discuss: First up is the new look! I’ve spent some time generating creature bodies. For this I chose a point and did a 180 degree sweep plotting points at a various distance (using Perlin Noise) and then mirrored the resulting shape. This generates a fairly primitive body type, which while unique does look quite alike to the other creatures. This enables you to be able to see which direction each creature is facing more easily. In addition…

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Genetic Algorithms & Virtual Creatures

I’ve been reading a lot recently about neural networks and genetic algorithms, and I wanted to try a project based around these concepts… but what should I make? I searched for projects other people have done, and I found some cool projects which simulate evolution of little virtual creatures. I decided I wanted to create something similar because: a) there’s so many ideas to be implemented and different directions to be taken, and also b) who wouldn’t want to create a platform for evolution and watch the cool & crazy things that evolve in it!? The basis for this project is…

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University Coursework

I’ve not posted in quite a long time, as I’ve been busy with University. I’m a second year now and my modules are currently: Advanced Programming, Artificial Intelligence, 2D Computer Graphics & User Interface Design, and Systems Analysis & Design. I’ve been working on 2 pieces of coursework. Systems Analysis & Design For this coursework, I joined a group of 6 other students. Our task was to design and create software which would be used at a theatre in order to create and manage plays, performances, customers and bookings. We had a specification to follow which defined the requirements of…

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