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Tag: hardware

London, Sudoku, Pong and.. fluids?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Undergraduate of the Year in Computer Science, IT & Physics. I took a trip to London to visit their Assessment Centre based just next to the Thames. The day was pretty interesting, all starting from trying to navigate my way around the tube. I’ve used the Berlin U-Bahn during the day, but never anything like the tube on a Friday morning/evening during rush hour. When I arrived I got the opportunity to meet the people who I’m up against. Most were Computer Scientists, but…

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I built a behemoth!

So I recently decided I need a new computer, and chose to build it myself despite knowing next to nothing about hardware components, and what’s good. I found help from YouTube, Reddit and friends. I originally had little idea what I wanted, but after searching I settled on a 1440p monitor. And then 2 1080p monitors. Then on 2 1080ps, one at 60hz and the other 144hz… This went on for a long time until I settled on a 1440p 144hz – which never arrived, so I opted for an ultrawide 1440p. After cherry picking the perfect (in my opinion)…

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