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Theatre Manager


As part of my second year at the University of Hull, I studied a module called Systems Analysis, Design and Process. The focus of this module was teamwork – how to work efficiently, different ways of controlling code versions, different types of project management, etc. As part of the group coursework for that module we were tasked with fully planning, designing, programming and testing an application which would match the specification given to us. Our application needed to be capable of managing individual & repeating plays, performance times, bookings, premium & regular users, etc.

We estimate that we’ve spent about 60 hours on this project in total. We took a cautious effort in order to make sure everything mentioned in the specification was created, and we had group meetings once or twice a week, so we could keep in regular contact and discuss problems and solutions to various portions of the program. In addition to this we used the platform BaseCamp which allowed us to keep a checklist of current tasks, and to keep in touch and make it easier to ask questions.

In this project I personally focused on a class which acted as a middle ground between the database and the user interface. It was well populated with functions for each scenario (creating, deleting and modifying) and each object (user, play, performance, etc). I also fixed minor database problems, and helped design the structure of the database.

It was an enjoyed not only creating the project, but also working with the team. For this work we all achieved 78% and the highest possible grade: a first class.

The source code can be viewed on my GitHub here.