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Space Cheese Mining


Space Cheese Mining is a game I made to complete my Programming 1 module’s coursework. The aim of the coursework was to create a game using C#, in which 2-4 players fight for cheese pieces. The players started by choosing a player to go first (the cheesiest), and then took it in turns to place the cheese one by one, until all 16 pieces had been placed.


I opted to use XNA for the graphics, to make the game look nicer. The graphics I used are CC0 licenced. I actually used my Screen Management Library in this project, which allowed me to easily manage my game screens.

The first player then rolled a die and got an integer 1-6, and then chose a direction to go in. If they went off the board, they would appear back on the other side. If they landed on cheese, they would be able to steal it from whichever player was unfortunate to be landed on


I set up the game in such a way that it could be easily tested. You can enter a specific seed to place all cheese pieces randomly, place them yourself, or enter “DEMO” in test mode to have them automatically placed (this was so the examiner could run a test sequence and check that everything worked)

It was necessary for me to follow a set project outline, and to implement the features stated. It was interesting to do so, as up until now I’ve only programmed games I’ve thought of, so it was enjoyable to be able to work away at a set project. I received 100% for this coursework.

Take a look at the code below! Side note: This source code requires XNA to function, hence doesn’t work on Windows 8 or higher. I’m currently working on a conversion to MonoGame. If the code asks for a ScreenManagementLibrary dll, it is in the “bin/x86/Debug” folder and will need referencing.

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