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Website update, coursework added and a new computer?

Website Update

I’ve recently had a couple of ‘bugs’ in the website which I’ve been working on, and a new feature. For a few days the portfolio wasn’t functioning correctly, and I received an email from someone who identifies as ‘dude’, but left no email for me to reply – thanks for the tip off! The portfolio now functions as it should do. I’ve also added a new button and a few lines of JavaScript, that now allow me to hotlink directly to a project.

Programming Coursework

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on some coursework for my programming module, in which I had to make a game about mining for cheese in space. It was fun to follow a design document and build what somebody else wants. I love creating any games, but following and sticking to a design brief is enjoyable and I felt professional whilst doing so.


The project went very well, and I attained 100% for it. The project is viewable on my portfolio (notice how I can now directly link!), and also the code can be viewed on GitHub here.

New Computer?

I recently decided to invest in a new computer – my mac just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I wanted a computer that I could use for programming and writing, but also something for ultra high graphic gaming. I ordered a bunch of components one night, and they all arrived… apart from the monitor. A week later I was desperate to build this computer, but there was no monitor. I had problems with the supplier of the monitor, and they just wouldn’t tell me anything about its whereabouts. I wouldn’t advise someone against buying from there, because they delivered every other component next day with no issues, however I won’t be buying from them again.

3 weeks later and here we are – my monitor hasn’t been delivered, and will be refunded. I built the computer and have had it running on a monitor that I borrowed from a friend, however the monitor was the bottleneck in this case. I’m in the process of ordering another monitor, and waiting for the return of a new keyboard (it was faulty – RMA). I have been deliberately ambiguous about my new computer because I want to do a full write up on it when it’s all together – check back early January for that!

As for my old mac, I’m planning on replacing the battery (which lasts 10 minutes on full – how bad is that right?) and installing an SSD, which I’m hoping should breathe some new life into it.