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Collecting feedback for my new game

I’ve been working on a new game, based on fighting aliens in space. The story basis is:

The year is 2636 and humans have had to emigrate into the depths of space due to nuclear annihalation of the Earth. At first the discovery of intelligent life was amazing, but it quickly turned sour and dangerous. It wasn’t long before the extra-terrestrials tried to take our bases by force, slaughtering 1,000s of civilians, scientists and soldiers.

This game puts you into the role as a soldier with the task of cleaning out the stolen enemy bases, and make it safe for the human race to recolonise. You must push yourself to the limit in the name of humanity, and fight off various different species of alien. On your journey you’ll discover enemies that look like beetles, frogs and lizards – as well as humanoid aliens and even cyborgs built to eliminate you.

There is a (primal and basic) website up, and I’m actually looking to take feedback for this new game. I’ve released a one level demo which can be downloaded from the website. I’d appreciate it if you would fill in the survey, as it will help me continue to develop this game and make it better.