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Cheese Collecting and Name Generation


I won these 2 pieces of cheese for my programming abilities. The green piece was won for receiving a 100% in my Programming assignment where I made a game about mining cheese in space! If you’re interested, view it here.

The white pieces was won for creating a name generator.

The program takes a list of ~26,000 pieces of data, taken from a census – it shows how many babies were given that name in a certain year. Each piece of data contains a name and a number (referring to how many times it was used). The program iterates through each name and checks character by character and builds a ‘knowledge’ on which lettering patterns can occur. Each name is repeated the amount of times it was given to someone. IE, the name ‘Emily’ appears 25,149 times, while ‘Janet’ only 825 times. The program would note that ‘m’ follows ‘e’ 25,149 times, and ‘t’ follows ‘e’ 825 times.

The program calculates a name by choosing a random (but biased towards a more common) character and repeating this until a nice string is made. The help improve names, the first 2 characters of a name cannot both be consonants, and you can never have more than 2 identical characters in a row. The program then has the capability to ‘critique’ each name, and gives a rating on how good of a name it thinks it is.

View the code for that here!

The cheese pieces are nice souvenirs and were 3d printed by the lecturer.