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A revamped website and new blog!

I recently decided I wanted a blog integrating into my website, and I was long overdue a web host switch. I was originally with Hostinger and had multiple problems with the FTP not connecting, and multiple times when I signed in to the cPanel, I actually found myself logged into other peoples’ websites…

That was the final straw and I opted to move to a GitHub website – I had to relinquish capability of my contact form as there wasn’t PHP support. Fast forward x amount of months to today where I’ve just registered an account with TsoHost. Quick, cheap, clean.

Moving away from hosting, I decided to create a blog so I can document my projects, write about my life, write about things I’ve bought/made and define my own ‘brand’.

Arduino Board

I recently decided to delve into some electronics – up until now I’ve been a software only guy. I have an Arduino board and a Raspberry Pi to help me in this, I just need to order some input sensors and perhaps an LCD screen and motor. The temptation is there however to jump in the deep end and try to make something on a large scale.

I’ll get some components ordered and post with my results.