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Category: Portfolio

Predator of the Pond

Predator of the Pond is a small project I decided to work on, in order to sharpen my skills and try out something new. The game is based off of an old game – the concept isn’t new. The game is simple – you’re a fish and must eat smaller fish. When you do, you grow. Larger fish will kill you if you collide with them. I created this game in C# XNA and built and used a library alongside this (Screen Management Library), so I could easily add new screens and controls into the game. I created the background…

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Drawn Alive

Drawn Alive is a 2 dimensional platform game aimed at children aged 6 – 14 years, which I undertook for one of my high school qualifications in ICT. In this project, I wasnt only in charge of programming, but I also designed and created the majority of the sprites, and designed the levels myself. The game was made in Game Maker 8.1, and although being initially limited with the tools I could use, I found that the programming language included in the software offered me greater freedom to make my game unique and interesting for the target audience. I enjoyed…

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