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Category: General

I built a behemoth!

So I recently decided I need a new computer, and chose to build it myself despite knowing next to nothing about hardware components, and what’s good. I found help from YouTube, Reddit and friends. I originally had little idea what I wanted, but after searching I settled on a 1440p monitor. And then 2 1080p monitors. Then on 2 1080ps, one at 60hz and the other 144hz… This went on for a long time until I settled on a 1440p 144hz – which never arrived, so I opted for an ultrawide 1440p. After cherry picking the perfect (in my opinion)…

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Website update, coursework added and a new computer?

Website Update I’ve recently had a couple of ‘bugs’ in the website which I’ve been working on, and a new feature. For a few days the portfolio wasn’t functioning correctly, and I received an email from someone who identifies as ‘dude’, but left no email for me to reply – thanks for the tip off! The portfolio now functions as it should do. I’ve also added a new button and a few lines of JavaScript, that now allow me to hotlink directly to a project. Programming Coursework Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on some coursework for…

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Introducing my Google Cardboard

I’ve found myself quite interested in virtual reality and the like recently. My first experience was trying out the Oculus Rift at a comic con in Manchester, where you can ride a rollercoaster. My second was trying the Galaxy Gear VR at Kaufhaus des Westens, Europe’s largest department store situated in Berlin. I recently decided to try and get hold of some of the virtual reality which is out there and available. I noticed an update on my Samsung S5 for YouTube which makes use of the accelerometer and gyroscope, so you can turn the phone and look around during videos. There…

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A revamped website and new blog!

I recently decided I wanted a blog integrating into my website, and I was long overdue a web host switch. I was originally with Hostinger and had multiple problems with the FTP not connecting, and multiple times when I signed in to the cPanel, I actually found myself logged into other peoples’ websites… That was the final straw and I opted to move to a GitHub website – I had to relinquish capability of my contact form as there wasn’t PHP support. Fast forward x amount of months to today where I’ve just registered an account with TsoHost. Quick, cheap,…

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