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Month: January 2017

Desert Scene

As part of my 2D Graphics module we worked with Javascript (with JSLint) and the HTML5 Canvas in order to draw a scene. Early lab work taught us about Matrix mathematics, Bezier Curves, Scene Graphs and Animation. Our coursework was titled “Do whatever you want*”, with the asterisk mentioning that it has to be work that can be graded against specific criteria. Initially the idea of using Matrices and Scene Graphs seemed daunting, but as I learnt about it they seemed logical and not-so-scary anymore. Javascript wasn’t hard to work in, though the JSLint made errors more pronounced (which has…


Theatre Manager

As part of my second year at the University of Hull, I studied a module called Systems Analysis, Design and Process. The focus of this module was teamwork – how to work efficiently, different ways of controlling code versions, different types of project management, etc. As part of the group coursework for that module we were tasked with fully planning, designing, programming and testing an application which would match the specification given to us. Our application needed to be capable of managing individual & repeating plays, performance times, bookings, premium & regular users, etc. We estimate that we’ve spent about…

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Nutmageddon is a game I spent a few months working on, inspired by the classic game Worms. I created it in Unity using C#, and it was intended as a mobile app. It contains a good selection of different weapons, each with a different damage modifier, bounce, etc. Unfortunately the project never properly came to fruition, as I shifted my focus onto University instead of a large-scope project. I did manage to get a lot of mechanics implemented, such as turn controls, weapons, health and some UI. I implemented a premade library to handle terrain destruction. The source code is…

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Alien Battles

Alien Battles is a top-down action shooter inspired by countless hours played of Contra 3 as a child. I created this demo to demonstrate my programming skills, and show my understanding of ‘game feel’. Alien Battles was created in Unity with C# Pictures of the game are below.   View the game on, or view the source on GitHub.     Jacob MorrisI’m a software developer and recent graduate from the University of Hull. I’m fascinated by machine learning, artificial intelligence & procedural generation, and love sinking into exciting projects such as games, simulations & websites!

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Ski Game

For my coursework for Programming 2 I made¬†a game about skiing, and given certain criteria: the spacing of gates must decrease, must be able to pick up cheese, must dodge snowballs, etc. I programmed it in XNA using C#, whilst utilising my GameLibrary. I went for the classic NES styled game play, however I didn’t stick to every rule/limitation of the NES (the player has more than 4 colours). In this project I created everything myself. I used software to create the sound effects, I used famitracker to create my own game music, I drew the sprites myself in Photoshop,…

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Space Cheese Mining

Space Cheese Mining is a game I made to complete my Programming 1 module’s coursework. The aim of the coursework was to create a game using C#, in which 2-4 players fight for cheese pieces. The players started by choosing a player to go first (the cheesiest), and then took it in turns to place the cheese one by one, until all 16 pieces had been placed. I opted to use XNA for the graphics, to make the game look nicer. The graphics I used are CC0 licenced. I actually used my Screen Management Library in this project, which allowed…

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2D Voxel Game

I decided to create a small game in the style of “Minecraft” or “Terraria”. I’ve seen these games, and always fascinated myself with the terrain generation. So I sought to try and replicate, or at least create something similar. I was always asked questions like “Why don’t you do something original?”. That wasn’t my intention – my intention was to learn about procedural terrain generation. I used Unity’s built in Perlin noise function to create the heights. The game is 2D, so the y value was set to 0. This created columns of blocks in a random terrain. I decided…

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Shooting Gallery

The duck hunting Shooting Gallery is a small game I created in Unity (2D) using C#. I used CC0¬†licenced assets from Kenney. I found the assets which were for a complete game, and I decided to make the game using these assets. The Shooting Gallery acts like one which you might see at a fair/carnival. If you shoot the duck, the whole duck spins around, and a bullet hole is left. The scenery moves in the background in a circular motion, which was achieved by making the x and y coordinates add cos(time) and sin(time) respectively. The game is relatively…

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Predator of the Pond

Predator of the Pond is a small project I decided to work on, in order to sharpen my skills and try out something new. The game is based off of an old game – the concept isn’t new. The game is simple – you’re a fish and must eat smaller fish. When you do, you grow. Larger fish will kill you if you collide with them. I created this game in C# XNA and built and used a library alongside this (Screen Management Library), so I could easily add new screens and controls into the game. I created the background…

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Drawn Alive

Drawn Alive is a 2 dimensional platform game aimed at children aged 6 – 14 years, which I undertook for one of my high school qualifications in ICT. In this project, I wasnt only in charge of programming, but I also designed and created the majority of the sprites, and designed the levels myself. The game was made in Game Maker 8.1, and although being initially limited with the tools I could use, I found that the programming language included in the software offered me greater freedom to make my game unique and interesting for the target audience. I enjoyed…

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